Revising My Travel Inspirations [Update]

My Favorite Inspiration eBook

I love traveling. Anyone that knows anything about me know that I not only move around a lot, but that I also travel quite a bit (literally all over the world).

As St. Augustine once remarked: Life is a book. Those who don't travel never turn a page!
That is something I live by. If a place becomes stale for me, I move on. Heck, I only live once, why waste time when things get boring?

I am not a thrill seeker, and am not one that needs to be entertained, but when I find the environment I am in is not expanding my horizons any longer, I move on.

If you're a fellow world traveler or world traveler wannabe, shoot me an email some time. I would LOVE to connect with you. Ya just never know where our paths might cross :)

Here's to constant mind expansion, cheers!

<3 Steph